Get Started

These tutorials will get you started using Thot to manage and analyze your data. They use hands on examples to show you how to do things and demonstrate the concepts Thot is built on.

To perform our analysis we’ll use Thot. Thot offers three interfaces: the Command Line Interface (CLI), Thot Desktop, and Thot Web. The CLI and Thot Desktop are both run from your own computer, while Thot Web runs on Thot’s servers and provides additional functionality.

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Thot Desktop


Thot Desktop is currently in beta, so some features may not work. If you have any questions or comments, please join our Slack channel and post it there.

Thot Desktop is a user-friendly graphical interface for building and analyzing Thot projects on your own computer.

  • Runs on your own computer

  • Easy to use interface

  • Visualize your project


The command line interface is a text based interface that uses command prompt if you’re on Windows, or terminal if you’re on Mac or UNIX.

Using the CLI is a bit harder to get a grasp of than the Desktop and Web versions, but is also more powerful.

  • Runs on your own computer

  • Powerful operations for bulk editing